Monday, June 16, 2014

Some Funny Questions

Hi nuggets! It has been awhile, but life has been a bit hectic. I have also been a bit on the sick side for the last week or so, and blogging wasn't on my to do list. I wanted to share a few questions I have been asked from my students, particularly 1 outspoken student, during my recent teaching experiences.

Student: Ms. Mer In America, are you of Mexican descent.
Me: No.
Student: What are you then?
Me: Eastern European and Italian.
Student: Really? I could have sworn you were Mexican.

Student: Ms. Mer In America, how old are you?
Me: Guess.
Student: Well I'm 35, so 35?
Me: (In horror) No, I am not 35.
Student: 34?
Me: No.
Student: (When another student guessed...) DAYYYUMMMM.

Student: Ms. Mer in America, have you been so busy with school that you don't date?
Me: There's always time for dating. But this just got inappropriate.
Student: She does date!!

Student: (After I was using my other job at a fitness center as an example in class) Does your gym have a steam room?
Me: Yes, but its broken. Moving on...
Student: I love steam rooms.

Student: Ms. Mer In America, since you like dogs, I have a dog that we don't have time to take care of. I work, my fiancé works, and the kids don't do anything to help. I didn't want to adopt it in the first place. What should I do?
Me: (Sensing she wanted me to take her dog) You probably shouldn't have gotten a dog in the first place. I don't know what you should do. I'm outrun by animals at my place, so I can't take it.
Student: I knew we shouldn't of gotten the dog. Thanks Ms. Mer in America.

There have been more questions, but they are too X-rated to talk about on a family blog such as Mer In America. We talk about some deep stuff in my class. This is the 35 year old version of Ms. Mer IN America below.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Growing Up

So last week I saw a few of my fellow community theater friends perform Peter Pan here in Cinci. The show had a lot of kids in it, so it was awful cute. I loved how the actors "flew" across the stage attached to bungie cords. Looked like so much fun! I couldn't get the song "I won't grow up" out of my head for days after the performance.

As most of you know, Peter Pan's main theme is not growing up, or staying young, carefree, spirited and imaginative forever. Childhood represents these things, where being adult represents responsibility, stress and logical thinking and decisions. I like to think of myself as an adult, even though I am still spirited and sometimes imaginative, though I don't hold a candle to the imaginations of my nephews and niece. They can keep busy for hours playing "pretend" and creating places, people and situations in their minds.

I guess my question is, when do we grow up? When do we stop being carefree and excited about everything? Is it in high school when we have a lot of homework and extracurriculars or does it start in college when we break away from our parent's guidance for the first time? Do some people never grow up? Do they stay in that imaginative state forever? I don't think I've met anyone yet that is completely childlike in that manner yet, but that doesn't mean they don't exist! Can we combine certain parts of adulthood and childhood to make us more well-rounded and happy? I'm really not sure but I like to think so. I think completely letting go of the wonders of being a kid seems quite depressing. What do you think?

Just some thoughts for this Wednesday! Hope all is well with my nuggets!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Different Types of Spinning Instructors

Hi nuggets! I have been going to spinning class about once a week at my gym, and I have started to pick up on the various types of instructors that exist. As my friend brilliantly stated, "The teacher makes the class". If you spin, you probably have your favorites!

Strong and Silent: This is my favorite type of spinning teacher. They don't talk too much and when they do, its to give instructions (i.e. "go to position 3!") They don't say "push harder" very often or scream/make gutteral sounds. They're calm and motivate a little, but its not overwhelming. You don't feel the desire to assault this teacher after class.

Screamer:The screamer just screams things but they are too muffled because of the music and microphone. Nobody has any clue what the teacher is saying so everyone is just in different positions all confused. Every so often they'll yell "work it" or something but I want to shout back, "I don't know how!"

Pusher: These spin instructors are so annoying. I get what they are trying to do...motivate us minions to burn calories and but more resistance on the bike but to be honest, shouting "THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY" "PUSH HARDER" "GO GO GO HARDER"  "GET RID OF THAT CELLULITE" makes me want to purposely go slower. Pushers say these words all the time and it seems to get in the way of the class. A little motivation is great, but if I wanted a life coach, I would have one. Stop pushing and encourage!

In Yo Face: The last instructor is a combo of screamer and pusher. They sometimes get off their bike and get in the faces of the spinners. Come at your own risk boys and girls, I may smack you. They are constantly talking throughout the class and you just get sick of their voice and motivational chants. Not necessary.

Welp, these four categories of spin teachers are just my humble opinion. Some people may love getting screamed at but I just don't. Exercise is supposed to be a happy place and some instructors make that very difficult to get to! Happy Thursday ya'll!